This year, we are aiming to achieve our second Green Flag for our school - the ENERGY flag. We are delighted that we have already achieved the Litter and Waste flag. Our whole school community is working together to reduce our electricity and oil usage, both at school and at home. We also recycle as much as possible and clean up our yard regularly. Have a look below to see how we have been getting on....

Meet the committee . . . .

Here are some energy-saving tips.......

You can reduce your heating bill by 10% by lowering your room temperature by 1°C.

Keep your fridge's temperature at between 2–3°C for the best performance. 

Set your water heating to 65°C on your immersion so that you don’t waste energy by overheating water.

Only boil the amount of water you need in the kettle.

Check out these websites for more info.



Our school is in Cappagh

We like it clean

So let's work together

To make it GREEN!

We need to save our energy

We need to save our planet

Turn it off! Shut it down!

It needs to be a habit.

Low Energy Day

Friday 13th March

We will attempt to use as little energy as possible at school on this day.

Help us raise money for Barretstown by bringing your old batteries to school and placing them in the battery drum in the corridor near the Green-Schools Noticeboard!

St. James' N.S.,
Co. Limerick.