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Active School Committee

In October, Ms Mc Namara gave the children in 4th, 5th and 6th the opportunity of applying for the Active School committee. The children filled in an application form and four boys and four girls were chosen. There were lots of ideas to make the school  more active on the application forms. The committee will meet regularly to discuss, plan and implement activities. We aim to make sure that all the children in St James' School have more fun while getting more active. 

Active School Notice Board

Our Active School notice board in located near Ms Mc Namara's classroom. It is used to share notices which inform the classes of all the active activities that are going on in school. We have a picture of our committee and our mascot on the noticeboard. 

Aldi Stickers.jpg

ALDI Challenge

During October and November, the children collected stickers for the Aldi rugby challenge. We filled in a full poster and hope that we win some equipment. Thank you to everyone who brought in stickers. 

Fyffes Fitness Squad

The children in Ms Sheehan's and Ms Walsh's classes were lucky to enjoy an active afternoon doing a fitness session with the Fyffes Fit Squad. They did lots of different exercises to work-out their upper and lower bodies. They got a banana and water bottle each to help them recover after all their hard work! 

Active school history tour.jpg

Local History Tour

On a bright and dry morning in October, Ms Mc Namara's 5th and 6th were accompanied by Mr Madigan on a local history tour of Cappagh. During the day we learned about a variety of historical facts rooted in the locality. The day was hugely enjoyable, educational and active.  

Wellie Walk

In October, the children in Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First Class, Second Class and Third Class went on a wellie walk in Curragh Chase. This annual event allowed them to explore the changes that autumn brings. 

Infant Wellie Walk.jpg


Jason and Sunnie from Askeaton Pool & Leisure visited St. James’ on 21st November. They prepared circuits for each class and we clocked up a very impressive 20km for their charity fundraiser.

Active School Flag Slogan

We worked together to decide on an Active School Flag slogan, the committee had lots of ideas to choose from, we decided on the following: It would be so cool if we could be an active school! The slogan is now on display on our Active School Noticeboard. 


Fitness Ireland


Each class really enjoyed engaging with School Fitness Ireland’s Fun and Fitness classes for five weeks in January/February.  The children especially enjoyed the fun and inclusive dance aerobics and circuits sessions. Have a look at these pictures to see how much fun everyone had. 

Sporting Achievements

Our school acknowledges the physical activity, effort and success of our pupils both during and outside school hours. 


"What Club Are You In?" Survey

Senior pupils helped to create this survey and it is now displayed on the Active School Noticeboard. The children in our school are members of a wide variety of clubs. We hope that the results of this survey will encourage the children to try out even more physical activities outside of school. 

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