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PHYSICAL activity

For Hallowe'en, the Active School Committee set up some ‘Spooky Stations’ where the children in Ms Rocca's class took part in lots of activities which had a spooky theme. The children had great fun being active in their costumes.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on our football skills with David O'Dea. Each class enjoyed their sessions and looked forward to playing football, even in this cold weather. Here are some pictures taken during these sessions. 

On the day we got our Christmas holidays, the Active School Committee went to each class to teach them a Christmas dance. The Crazy Santa Dance was such fun and got everyone moving! Look at these pictures to see the classes enjoying dancing. 

All classes completed the Active Break Every Day Challenge, as a whole school initiative, over a period of four weeks this January. These posters were displayed in each classroom. Active breaks help us stay healthy, concentrate and have fun while learning. 

Ms Sheehan's class and Ms Walsh's class learned new Irish dances i rith Seachtain na Gaeilge - they really enjoyed their céilí sa chlós. Bhí siad in ann na céimeanna a rá as Gaeilge! 

Run a Day Challenge

The children completed the “Run Around Ireland Challenge” for four weeks during September and October 2020. The children in 6th Class created this display showing each destination. 

Hallowe'en 2020

We had fun on the day of the Halloween holidays dancing to some spooky songs! 


We had fun wearing Christmas jumpers and hats during our ‘Santa Run’.

Active School Walkway

Our school now has an Active School Walkway. The starting point is at the main gate and the signposts continue around the yard and the pitch. This will help us to integrate physical activity into our learning.  

Yard Equipment

The children have great fun playing on the yard with our new equipment.   

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