Pumpkin Raffle

Thank you Maedbh and Áine, 6th Class, for bringing in lovely pumpkins. The children who won them in a raffle were very happy.

Haunted Houses

Rang 6 worked hard to construct haunted houses for Halloween.

Hallowe'en Dress-Up

We turned into spooky witches, ghosts, gremlins and much much more overnight. The Hallowe'en Tooth Fairy was also busy during the night visiting two First Class girls.

Our Trip to a Vegetable Garden

Ms Sheehan's dad, John welcomed First and Second Class to his vegetable garden on Tuesday. We had great fun seeing what happens there! We learned how to set and care for potatoes. We watched John use the machine to dig the potatoes he grew. We pulled carrots and took some home with us for dinner. We helped John put up a fence to keep the animals away from the round bales in the field. John showed us turnip, carrot and grass seeds. To round off the visit, we couldn't help but run down the hill, followed by some mandarin and chocolate treats. Thanks for a great day out John!

Maths Week 2018

3rd and 4th were very busy celebrating Maths Week 2018. We played card games, board games, interactive maths games online and went on a shape hunt to explore shapes in our environment. We had great fun! Have a look at some pictures below.

First Aid

6th Class enjoyed learning some First Aid skills during September and October.

Garda Visit

Garda Alan O Donnell came to our school on Wednesday October 24th to speak with the boys and girls from classes 5th & 6th on the dangers associated with Halloween.

Wellie Walk

The junior end of the school went to Curragh Chase on our annual nature walk. We walked through the woods, looking out for all the signs of autumn. We ate our lunches at the picnic tables and played in the playground. We had great fun!

Seniors and First Class

Seniors and First Class read the story 'How Full Is Your Bucket?'. In this story, Felix begins to understand that his kind words and actions can fill someone’s bucket but unkind words can empty the bucket. We also learned all about hedgehogs and even made some using matchsticks. Look at our lovely artwork below....

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