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World Book Day 2021

The Junior classes celebrated World Book Day at school.

Mrs Noonan's Infants and Mr O' Sullivan's Seniors and 1st class made such a great effort to dress up as their favourite book characters.

Ms Sheehan's 1st and 2nd class went on a Scavenger Hunt outside to find some hidden books. When they found them, they listened to all the wonderful stories and ticked off the items on their 'Scavenger Hunt List' as they heard them. Their favourite book was 'When I say Ohh, You say Ahh' by John Kane.

The senior classes celebrated World Book Day at home.

Ms Walsh, Ms Lyons and Ms McNamara held art competitions with their classes. The children let their imaginations run free and had the choice to either create a 'Book in a Box' or to create a book character using a toilet roll insert or a potato.

Ms McNamara's 6th class also researched their favourite author and wrote a report detailing interesting facts about the author’s life and books they have written. They also described books that help them to escape to new worlds. So many books are set in magical and exotic settings!

Have a look below at some pictures of the fun on World Book Day at school and of the children's fantastic creations from home!


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